Sparkling Sidewalks That Reduce The Need For Street Lighting

There’s little need to be wary of a nighttime stroll though a park in Cambridge, England. During the day, particles in the surface of the path absorb UV light. In the evening, they release that energy again. The result is a beautiful effect that its creators call “Starpath.”

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Young Fathers ‘Dead’
On Big Dada/Anticon

Love the cover & the album

Tat idea…pieces

Tat idea

Keith hudson’s Brand tracklist

Tito’s 45 case

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Keith Haring by Baptiste Lignel.

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artwork by Walid Elsawi

A dozen statements, taken from the artist’s ongoing interview project are written on glowing neon boxes, peppered around the space. The interview consists of responses he gives to the question “are you an artist?” a means of exploring the current climate of contemporary art, and the cult of personality, with a tongue-in-cheek emphasis on certain stereotypes, perceived pre-requisites or trends. (via massalexandria)

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Sacred Geometry


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Elsofie Pitout photography


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Jean- Hippolyte Flandrin   Nipponized


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a fantastic picture of Reiss Beckford taken by BG Media Team at the British Championships 2014.

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